This article was contributed by Theodora Sotirova of CEED Bulgaria.

To reach the EU’s 2030 green goals, the construction industry needs to undergo massive changes. Currently buildings contribute over 36% of greenhouse emissions as well as 60% of electricity consumption in the EU, with non-residential buildings being particularly problematic due to their high levels of energy intensity. As a result, innovative companies are looking for novel solutions to this problem.

Renovations of buildings has long been seen as the solution to energy inefficiency, but in reality doesn’t provide a huge amount of savings. The cost, time and planning required to renovate a building all create barriers to reducing emissions, and as a result, less than 1% of nation’s building stock is renovated each year causing 75% of the EU’s buildings to be classed as energy inefficient.

Source: Clean Energy Wire

However, companies such as MClimate have come up with innovative ideas to combat this issue. Their mission is to provide digital, connected, smart and efficient home and building automation products and services, and therefore be able to reduce carbon footprint and utility bills. The value for money in these solutions is key too, with small initial investments quickly being paid back through energy savings.

Particular focus is paid to heating, which represents roughly 70% of energy use in residential and office space. Simply retrofitting radiators can save up to 30% of energy consumption, with owners and tenants then able to interact with the technology in their building through a mobile application to monitor the energy savings in their building. This digital aspect is key, reducing costs and making energy savings more accessible for home and building owners throughout the EU with solutions implemented in less than a day.

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Since the development of their energy efficiency range in 2019, MClimate has collaborated with various industry players, technology providers and institutions to assure their compliance with their sustainability and ESG goals. With the current focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal as well as the high price of energy costs, efficient solutions are needed more than ever. The use of technology will be key, making them more accessible to everyone and reducing emissions and costs worldwide.

For more information about MClimate’s solutions, visit their website here.