A shared vision towards climate action

This article was contributed by Ruba Hajj  of FCC partner Creative Districts The European Tech for Climate Action conference was held in Brussels on the 27th of October 2022 and was an…

Development of training modules with gamification

This article was contributed by Dimitar Hristov of FCC partner KISMC This article was created during the development of one of the annexes of the Investment & Sustainability Handbook (CU…

How War Impacts Climate Change and the Environment

Article by Joe McCarthy, originally published in Global Citizen The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused catastrophic loss of life, widespread displacement, and a growing global food crisis. The conflict has also extensively harmed…

Climate change is a European problem

We have been reading about climate change for years, but not many people believed it concerned themselves. We were used to see hurricanes, flooding, droughts and wildfires in other parts…

How Bulgaria is fighting climate change – part 1

Bulgaria has an emerging market economy in the upper middle-income range, and is exposed to nearly all types of climate extremes, including floods, droughts, and others, as well as earthquakes.

Businesses, investors and the green transition

This article will focus - based on experience – on what training modules and what content may be useful for the "typical" professional mentors of entrepreneurs with “green mission". 

The environmental cost of email

There’s nothing more annoying than having to sift through a mountain of spam emails, but did you know that emails also come with a surprising environmental impact?

New Greek law for the green transition

The status of "Green Transition - Environmental Upgrading of Enterprises" of the new Greek Development Law (known as Hellas 2.0) will include investment projects aimed at protecting the environment, as…

Sustainability presentations at Brussels training course

The project Collective Innovation to Fight Climate Change brought together over 20 participants for a week-long training course in Brussels regarding sustainability and climate change in March. Each participant had…

First training course takes place in Brussels

From the 14-18 March, 23 individuals with a keen interest in environmental and adult education met in Brussels for a training course that aimed to equip them with the skills…

Meeting in Brussels for project partners

On 18 March representatives of the EU Erasmus+ project Collective Innovation to Fight Climate Change met at CreaD's headquarters in Brussels for the third transnational meeting. The seven project partners…

Innovative solutions for energy efficiency

To reach the EU’s 2030 green goals, the construction industry needs to undergo massive changes. Currently buildings contribute over 36% of greenhouse emissions as well as 60% of electricity consumption…

IPCC release climate report with stark warning

The IPCC have published their Climate Change 2021 report, warning that human-induced climate change has affected, is affecting and will continue to affect climate extremes in every region around the…
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