Sustainability presentations at Brussels training course

The project Collective Innovation to Fight Climate Change brought together over 20 participants for a week-long training course in Brussels regarding sustainability and climate change in March. Each participant had different experiences, skillsets and concerns and as a result the presentations they shared about what to do about tomorrow’s society was truly fascinating.

Meeting in Brussels for project partners

On 18 March representatives of the EU Erasmus+ project Collective Innovation to Fight Climate Change met at CreaD’s headquarters in Brussels for the third transnational meeting. The seven project partners – EPN Consulting Limited (UK), KISMC (Bulgaria), CEED Bulgaria, IDEC (Greece), CreaD (Belgium), Worldview Impact Foundation (UK) and IASP (Spain) were all in attendance in the Belgian capital. 

Innovative solutions for energy efficiency

To reach the EU’s 2030 green goals, the construction industry needs to undergo massive changes. Currently buildings contribute over 36% of greenhouse emissions as well as 60% of electricity consumption in the EU, with non-residential buildings being particularly problematic due to their high levels of energy intensity. As a result, innovative companies are looking for novel solutions to this problem.