On 18 March representatives of the EU Erasmus+ project Collective Innovation to Fight Climate Change met at CreaD’s headquarters in Brussels for the third transnational meeting. The seven project partners – EPN Consulting Limited (UK), KISMC (Bulgaria), CEED Bulgaria, IDEC (Greece), CreaD (Belgium), Worldview Impact Foundation (UK) and IASP (Spain) – were all in attendance in the Belgian capital. 

The consortium partners discussed the success of the first training course, which gave delegates from five different countries the tools they need to teach about climate change and sustainability. Bremley Lyngdoh and Stefano Mainero from WIF and EPN respectively gave key presentations at the course, with the meeting discussing ways in which to maintain its momentum.

As well as the ongoing progress of various project outputs, exciting future developments were also spoken about. The final touches are currently being made to our climate change handbook, whilst a toolkit, manual and change platform are all envisaged for the near future.

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