This project will create the following outputs before it finishes:

  • Fight Climate Change Platform (Change Platform) – This digital tool measures businesses and individuals’ carbon footprint, accompanied by tips, suggestions on how to improve it, including benchmarking against those who have completed this via the platform.
  • Innovating for Climate Change & Sustainability Toolkit (IC Sustainability Toolkit) – This Toolkit is for entrepreneurs and SMEs on using innovation management to allow them to integrate creativity to introduce new ideas, processes or products. In particular it details the effects of climate change on businesses and how to adapt to it, how businesses affect climate change and how to reduce this negative impact on the environment.
  • Culture of Change. Climate Change Manual. (C Change Manual) – This is a guide for entrepreneurs and SMEs (owners & managers) to be the agents of change within their business in terms of climate change and contributing to reducing the negative impact on the environment through transforming their organisation’s culture to inspire and empower colleagues/employees to embrace eco behaviour in the workplace, and promoting green practices.