What participants have said about the training course in Brussels:


Motivational, exciting, informative, collaborative.” Adelina Hristova, entrepreneur, co-founder of growyze


The overall experience was inspiring, motivating and enlightening. Networking and being able to work with a great number of different personalities in a rich ecosystem has given me hope for us, and others, to fight against climate change now and in the near future” Lydia Shabong, student of Ecology and Conservation


For a green fintech such as eco2wallet, having the Fight for Climate Change program, is a great opportunity to mix sustainable entrepreneurship with academia and, meaningful networking. The team is amazing, diverse, and fun. There is not a single solution to fight climate change, but this course is definitely a key fight for itYodaly Sierra Rubio, entrepreneur, founder of eco2wallet


Everything was perfect. Interesting content, friendly and professional organisers, friendly participants...” Alba María Suárez Feito, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design and Product Developer