On 24-25 March 2021 this Erasmus+ project was officially launched. The project’s aim is to fight climate change through the empowerment of educatorsentrepreneursSMEs employees, and/or individuals. There are 7 partners from 5 countries: EPN Consulting Ltd. (UK) | IDEC S.A. (Greece) | Knowledge, Innovation and Strategies Management Club (Bulgaria) | Worldview Impact Foundation (UK) | Creative District (Belgium) | CEED Bulgaria | IASP – Asociación Internacional de Parques Tecnológicos (Spain).

The project will address 4 issues around environmental education:

Abundance of Information: Plenty of information on climate change and the environment exists. More concise and easy to digest information is needed.

Scientific language: Often the language used in data could be very scientific, addressed to governmental organisations, agencies, etc. Simpler language is needed.

Courses focused on youth: Education on climate change often targets young people, rather than adults. Training for educators, SMEs owners/managers, entrepreneurs needed.

Lack of sustainability strategy: To foster innovation and contribute to creating and delivering a sustainability strategy, SMEs & entrepreneurs need training in this direction.

This project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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