IPCC release climate report with stark warning

The IPCC have published their Climate Change 2021 report, warning that human-induced climate change has affected, is affecting and will continue to affect climate extremes in every region around the globe. Without concrete action global heating will continue to worsen, the report warns, potentially leading to extreme effects.

COP26: Week Two’s most important moments

Throughout COP26, indigenous groups and youth activists have stated that they have had trouble making their voices heard at the main events. Barriers have included high accommodation and transport costs, confusion over Covid-19 testing and a business-as-usual approach from many nations and non-state actors present.

COP26: Week One’s most important moments

Week one at COP26 featured a range of commitments from governments worldwide, with corporations also making big promises to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the most significant was more than 40 countried who signed up to a new declaration aiming to deliver clean and affordable technology and solutions across the globe by 2030.

What pledges were made at COP26?

Over the last couple of years we have heard many announcements from some car manufacturers that in the next few years or decade their cars will be equipped with electric engines only. At the same time, a few country governments have proudly stated they will not allow commercialisation of traditional fuel powered vehicles as of 2035 or 2040.

New Paper Presents a Triple Helix Framework for Achieving Innovation and UN Sustainable Development Goals

This study by Chunyuan Zhou Henry Etzkowitz invents a Triple Helix of university-public-government for sustainable development, as a complement to the Triple Helix of university-industry-government for innovation. Twinning the two retains the dynamic properties of a tertius gaudens in the framework which addresses environment, resource protection, social change and equality Read more…

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